Kataria Therapy was founded by Dr Rupa Kataria, Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Kataria Therapy started as an independent London based practice with clinics in North West London and Harley Street. It now offers its services remotely to clients all over the UK and worldwide. Kataria Therapy provides a range of psychological services to individuals, couples, families, professionals, and organisations. 

Kataria Therapy offers a free 15 min consultation for you to ask questions and discuss how we might be able to work with you – call or message 07385894341 to book (+447385894341).

Kataria Therapy understands that life can be changeable and challenging. There can be times when our usual way of coping is not enough, or does not work for us anymore. We are faced with the prospect of responding differently to the situation, or our experiences. During these times, therapy can be helpful in talking and exploring other ways of responding and coping.

Kataria Therapy believes that people have the potential to engage in deeper levels of self-discovery and personal growth. People have the capacity to work towards change in themselves and their lives. Sometimes, the right kind of support at the right time in life can be powerful in guiding a person/s towards another path in their life journey. In the therapy, they can begin to self-help and lower their experiences of distress.

The Kataria Therapy logo design was designed by Dr Rupa Kataria. It was inspired through travel experiences in New Zealand and connecting with the Maori culture. The logo design is the Maori Mangopare symbol. It symbolises the hammerhead shark. It was chosen for a logo design because it represents determination, strength, strong will and a fighting spirit. Dr Rupa Kataria beleives these characteristics are helpful in becoming resilient and managing the journey of life whatever it may be for you.

Kataria Therapy is here to support your journey.